Starting from a Self Clinching Fastener manufacturer and solution provider, after decades, EDM® had developed and venture itself into various growing industries in line with current market trend. EDM® started business in automotive industry 5 years ago, and last year making its first foot step into oil & gas component industry.

With the experience in stamping, EDM® had currently developed itself as a supplier of wafer frame, which is widely used in semiconductor industry. EDM® will keep moving…

Our Vision

We aim to satisfy our customers’ needs through continuous technological improvement. With our strong manufacturing and management teams, we strongly believe that we are able to produce quantity and quality products promptly with excellence after-sales services.

Our quality control requirement will inspect the raw material upon receiving from our supplier and the output of the parts. We believe quality input can only generate quality output. We also inspect the manufactured goods before delivering to our customers in order to ensure quality goods to be delivered to customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a leading fasteners and turning parts manufacturer by always improving the quality of product and service and attending to our value customers’ needs promptly. We also emphasize on after sales services to ensure our customers’ satisfaction is fulfilled.


  • Auto Lathe Machine
    • CNC Fully Auto Lathe Machine (4 Unit)
    • CAM Type Automatic Lathe (50 Units)
    • Conventional Lathe Machine (1 Unit)
    • Manual Type Bench Lathe (4 Units)
  • QA/QC Equipments
    • Profile Projector
    • Thread Gauge
    • Pin Gauge
    • Height Gauge
    • Micrometers
    • Calipers
    • Mircoscope
    • Digital Push/Pull Gauge
    • Die Drawing Machine (1 Unit)
    • Forging Machine (1 Unit)
    • Thread Roll Machine (1 Unit)
    • Tapping & Drill Machine (10 Units)
    • Fully Auto Tapping Machine (3 Units)
    • Milling Machine (5 Unit)
    • Stamping Machine (2 Unit)
    • Grinding Machine (1 Unit)
    • Heat Treatment Furnace (1 Unit)
    • Diamend Tool Grinding Machine (3 Units)
    • Spin Dryer (1 Unit)
    • Oil Removing Machine (1 Unit)
    • Chip Removing Machine (1 Unit)
    • Ultrasonic Degressing Machine (1 Unit)
    • Tumbling Machine (2 Units)


ED Fastening is committed to continuous improvement. Quality is the centerpiece of our mission statement and the core of our company. Our quality mission is defined as exceeding customer expectation by documenting continuous improvement in our products, service, and performance and by also including our customers expectations into our mission. ED Fastening will perform or certify any required examination or test specified by our customers.

ED Fastening Sdn Bhd is a company for various types of fasteners and committed to continually improve its products quality and competitive pricing to meet customer requirements. Our aim is to comply with:

  • Good Quality
  • Prompt Respond
  • On Time Delivery
  • Effective and Efficient Service

Quality Objectives

  • Improve Customers Satisfaction
  • Reduce the Number of Customer Complain
  • Reduce QC Rejection Rate
  • Short Lead Time
  • On Time Delivery